The easiest way to build a website

As easy as writing. No design or coding skills required.

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Just write

Pagy works like a text editor. Just click and write. Then drag and drop to make any layout you want. If you’re familiar with Notion you’ll feel right at home with Pagy.

Use pre-built sections

Even easier, chose from dozens of pre-built sections and mix and match to your liking. Just like playing with Lego blocks.

Pre-built sections

Make it yours

Simple but powerful customization options that can make your site unique with just a few clicks. You don’t need to be a designer to make a good-looking website.

For anything you need

Landing pages. Personal websites. Company websites. Portfolios. Coming soon pages. Choose from over a dozen templates that fit your every need.


That’s not all

You get a lot of things out of the box.

Custom domain

Connect a custom domain to your site (or use the included domain).

Capture emails

Add an email sign-up form to capture emails with no extra setup.

Custom code

Add further customizations or integrations using custom code.


Your site is optimized to get the best loading times and performance.


Automatically adapts to every screen size, from mobile to desktop.

Optimized for SEO

Follows the latest best practices to get the best visibility on search engines.

Check the roadmap to see what’s coming.

What you won’t find

Pagy is for people who value simplicity. To have simplicity you need to say no to everything that’s unnecessary.

No endless customization options

Only the ones that matter. Pagy abstracts away as many design decisions as possible so you only have to think about the important stuff—your content.

No pointless animations

The main purpose of a website is to communicate information. If you hide elements just to be able to animate them into view you’re defeating that purpose.

Not powered by AI

Every part of Pagy has been thoughtfully crafted. By humans, for humans. Likewise, if you’re making a website it’s because you have something to say, you don’t need AI to tell you what that is.

Simple pricing

Try it for free for 7 days. No sign-up required.



1 page

Unlimited page views

Custom domain

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Coming soon

Multiple pages

Unlimited page views

Custom domain

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